Friday, September 2, 2011

Certified On-Time

We were recently approached by a General Contractor who’s time to complete a project had run out and the necessary signs for a “Certificate Of Occupancy” were required immediately. Being in the sign industry, we have come to accept the fact that this immediate need does occur from time-to-time as signs are generally the last component to be installed in a new project or renovation.

The General Contractor realized that the sign designs originally specified were going to take time to manufacture. They were looking for a quick and inexpensive alternative, while still providing an attractive regulatory sign solution. (Printed paper inserts taped to the wall were not a viable solution).

We suggested purchasing Kroy Sign Systems’ Injection Molded Regulatory Signs as a temporary solution until the more unique specified signs could be manufactured and shipped.

The Contractor gave us the list of signs that were needed to satisfy the requirements for receiving the buildings certificate. The signs were shipped that afternoon and were received the following day. The Contractor may have spent a little bit more to complete the project on time, but avoided costly late charges for missing the due date.†

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