Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Wild (Cherry) Reception!

Not long ago, I visited my personal Physician for a routine checkup. As I entered, I noticed that they had made major improvements to the front office. Fresh paint, new furniture, track lighting and a custom manufactured reception desk really changed the environment for the patients waiting to see the doctor. The reception desk had been fabricated from wild cherry wood with satin aluminum accents, a glass top and satin aluminum dimensional letters that read “RECEPTIONIST”. The primary signage in the office was replaced to blend with the new interior, adding a nice finishing touch to the entire project.

But I couldn’t get past the piece of paper stuck to the wall that read “Please Sign In And Have Insurance Information Available. Thank You.” I asked the individual at the front desk “Why, with all of the improvements, had they settled with a piece of printed paper to communicate a message that seemed fairly permanent?” The receptionist said that the sign had been an after thought and that they had just not taken the time to find something else. “Besides,” she said, “Where am I going to find a sign now, that would match everything else?”

I grabbed my iPhone and took a picture of the piece of paper and reception desk. I said we would provide a price quote shortly. When I returned to the office, we matched materials used in fabricating the desk and incorporated them into a Kroy Sign Systems Curved Metal Sign frame. Since the sign did not require ADA compliance, we simply applied vinyl text to the surface of the sign with the message from the piece of paper.

The Receptionist from the Physicians office called when the sign was received and said the sign matched the reception desk perfectly. They were all very impressed with the outcome, not realizing how quick, simple and inexpensive a more permanent sign would be.

In an era of having high quality, digital photography available on most cell phones, we were able to provide a one time, custom manufactured sign without the the customer really having to do a thing.

Another “Quality Sign, On Time, At A Reasonable Price”. †

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