Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Considering QR Codes

Considering QR Codes? Label your products and be Mobile Friendly.

Promoting your website with a QR Code is a popular and increasingly effective way to draw web traffic directly to your company.  Anyone using a smartphone with a QR Code reader App can capture, store and easily retrieve everything you want them to know about your business.  Additionally, highlighting your unique products and services is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition.  Merchandising, or "branding" allows potential customers to tell the difference from competitive products and inferior brands.

Kroy Sign Systems is showcasing its brand, product quality and professionalism using a QR Code label on all of its standard acrylic sign products.  "We want a professional looking sign solution in a mobile friendly environment" says Ed Hunter, President of Kroy Sign Systems. "With our QR Code label you get brand recognition, instant information about the company and potentially new customers. Not only does our product stand out, but so does our business.

Change is inevitable! Kroy Sign Systems recognizes that the increasingly popular QR Code label is vastly similar to the bar code labels in the 1990's.  A single QR Code, however, provides much more information for today's savvy consumer and mobile user.

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